I just wanted to thank you for helping me with understanding my puppy dogs. You were very accurate with their readings and it really helped us. I have been able to help them more ever since you gave me their readings to let me know how they were feeling. I have been giving them the attention that you mentioned they needed and it has made a huge difference. Especially in Cleo, my older dog. Thank you again.  - Sheri Avera


Gratitude. That is how my animals and I feel about the readings we had with Christine Althaea Abbey. Particularly the information shared by one of my Nubian goats Gus, really surprised us by his level of envy and adoration of the horses in our herd and particularly the beauty and regal-ness of the Gypsy Banner stallion two doors away. Gus would like to be a horse instead of a goat and since our reading with Christine, has included himself in photos of the horses, joining in and eating out of our Percheron's food dish like our mini horse does...good news is that the horses seem to have accepted Gus as one of their own. I came home the other day to find our Percheron standing over Gus while he napped in the pasture...a sweet friendship has been formed.

I was pleased at the questions that Christine asked each critter as the answers offered insights into their happiness, health, food preferences and the relationship between them all. I find that checking in with my animals help me understand what is going on with them.  Christine's detailed descriptions really helped provide me with a level of confidence in my care of each of them and answered some questions I had. 

Thank you so very much for your care and brilliant communication with our dear four-legged friends, Christine! Sending you big hugs and love from Midnight Sky Farm of Tumalo.  - Kate, Gary, Titan, Boss, Ba-ab and Gus, and Lily


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Intuitive Animal Communication

Animal Communication:    $60

This energy-based, compassionate, telepathic communication can assist if you are seeking help on behavioral issues, clarity on emotional or health issues, want to deepen your understanding of your pet or need assistance with grief/loss.  I'm also able to connect with animals that have crossed over from the physical world.

Communication sessions consist of a Part One, 30 minute animal conversation followed by a Part Two, 30 minute follow up phone conversation with you (the owner) for me to share the information that was given by your animal/pet, plus check in to see if you have any clarifying questions.  The full session is one hour.

Communication session do not need to be in person.  A connection with your pet can be made by using a picture that clearly shows their eyes and that are preferably looking right at the camera.  This creates an energetic link to your pet to start the conversation.