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Christine Althaea Abbey, MH is the farm's CFO (Chief Farming Officer) and Head Milk Maid.   As a Master Herbalist and Reiki Practitioner, Christine is responsible for developing all of the health and herbal protocols for the animals in addition to providing all the animals with periodic Reiki energy treatments.  She handcrafts all of Sprawling Oaks Farm's products including cheese, yogurt, fudge and herbal formulations.  She offers herbal consultations, Reiki treatments (in person and distant healing), and massage therapy for animals.  She is also an intuitive animal communicator.

Christine has embarked on a new journey of study into different aspects of natural healing for animals, including additional energy healing modalities and flower essence therapies.  She is also currently working on her Equine Massage Therapy Certification.

About the Farmer/Therapist

About the Farm

First and foremost, we are all about our GOATS!  We adore each and every member of the herd; our goats are FAMILY!!  They all have names and answer when called.  They work hard for us to provide lots of milk, and in turn, we work hard to make sure they are happy, loved, well-fed and impeccably healthy at all times.