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Althaea Holistic Animal Therapies offers the following healing modalities:
- Animal Communication (on the phone )
- Animal Reiki (on the phone or in person)
- Herbal Consultations (on the phone or in person)
- Animal Massage (in person only)
- Flower Essences and Aromatherapy

Please click the links on the left side of this page for more detailed information on these healing offerings.

Our healing center and farm is also a place for people to come to renew and replenish in a peaceful atmosphere. Our 10-Acre dairy goat farm and healing center is nestled in a 10-acre "oak hammock" of aged and wise Live Oak trees.  Our goal is to provide a peaceful and connecting experience with Mother Earth for animal friends and their people for the purpose of relaxation and healing! Come see us, tour the farm, pet the goats, walk our nature paths.  Bring your pet(s) and enjoy some relaxation and healing time together!

Additionally, we will soon be offering classes in our Education Center, offering organic knowledge in homesteading, herbalism, goat husbandry, gardening, yoga, natural health and natural living! 

Although we do have a limited supply of dairy products for sale (cheese, yogurt, fudge) our main focus is offering our Healing Modalities & offering classes in our Education Center.   Please stay connected to our page for upcoming information on workshops and other classes and well as free information on our upcoming blog!!

Special Thanks

 To Stacey Hines, who is responsible for taking many of the beautiful pictures featured on this website.

Our Mission

To provide the most loving care to animals and their wellness by providing relaxing, holistic healing services and to educate people in the areas of homesteading and natural living!